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The Numedic Pond Mixer has been designed to meet the challenges of high input farms and large storage ponds, easily achieving the requirements in New Zealand’s largest effluent tanks. Two 590mm opposing blades are installed at a 45 degree downward angle to ensure the entire pond or tank is mixed. These blades rotate at an RPM that is most effective for your situation. The position of these blades is controlled by a Variable Speed Drive which allows you to set 8 different positions and speeds for the blades to position themselves ensuring every inch of the storage pond or tank is mixed. No longer will you be left with a metre or two of sludge or build-up at the bottom of your pond or crust on the surface that you cannot pump. Superior mixing will let you utilise the entire pond, enabling you to reclaim back all of your storage pond capacity.

Key features:

  • Fully programmable to allow different speeds and run times
  • Personalised computer programming allows system to be set up specifically to achieve the best performance for your individual requirements
  • Large blades ensure full mixing of your entire pond and strength to break up even the toughest crusts or sludge
  • Reliable and innovative design to achieve excellent results in demanding conditions

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