Adcam 750 LD Evenspread Travelling Irrigator

The Adcam 750 LD has a long boom and a short boom to ensure an even spread pattern.  The large winch drum and modified cam allows for Low Depth application.  The irrigators are manufactured to the highest standards, are hot dip galvanised, use super strong FYH bearings, bronze bushes on all moving parts and rust free stainless steel.  A boom support bracket also comes as standard to prevent damage when moving between paddocks or locations.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for spread widths of up to 35 metres (depending on pump pressure)
  • 250 metre wire rope as standard.  Can be supplied with braid on request
  • 8 metre diameter boom
  • Adjustable cams allowing for 7 speeds
  • Innovative wire rope winder

Click Here for the Adcam 750 LD Travelling Irrigator Manual

Click for the Adcam 750 LD Evenspread Travelling Irrigator Spec Sheet

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