Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand
Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand


Metered Drench System


Drench Gun
Adding minerals to stock drinking water is expensive and affects water palatability.  Cows drink less and produce less.


Drenching cows minerals with a Numedic Drenching System is very cost effective and will increase production.  Cows drink more, eat more and produce more.

Numedic drenching systems have been manufactured for 25 years.  Used on the Massey University Dairy Cattle Research Unit, Numedic Metered Drench Systems supplying a 120ml dose, are accurate, reliable and easy to use.

Man using Numedic Drenching System
Drenching is a means of orally dosing a cow with a liquid medication.  Power Drenching is the term used to describe machines which take the manual effort out of drenching.  (In other words, your hands no longer ache).  Even a child can power drench, it really is that easy.

Numedic Power Drenching systems can handle a wide variety of medications, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and gritty powders.  Power Drenching Dairy Cows is cost effective and will maximise production.  “With Drenching, nothing is wasted”.



Metering Head
The Numedic metering head is unique in the world and has proven to be the best and most accurate way of drenching dairy cows.  Based on volumetric discharge as opposed to time discharge the Numedic Metered system will always deliver an accurate amount irrespective of the thickness or viscosity of the drench.  An audible sound is heard when the “shot” has been delivered which signals the cow has been drenched.  Bloat oils and other products when agitated can froth and foam which causes problems in the accuracy of the drench.  With the Numedic Metered system the bloat oil has it’s own separate container and is mixed with the drench from the main drench tank at the metering head.  A total of 120mls is administered from the drench gun, 90mls from the drench tank and 30mls from the bloat tank.  The metering head is powered by an air compressor and is mounted out of harms way on a roof beam above the pit.

By using compressed air and simple hydraulic diaphragms we are able to boost the power of the metering head.  The former ensures speed and a consistent dose, the latter promotes reliability.

Manufactured from tough corrosive proof plastics the Numedic Metering head is a very reliable and innovative machine.


Drenching Pump
Non-corrosive stainless steel and nylon has been widely used in the construction of the Numedic drench pump.  The pump is a purpose built drench pump and can handle a wide variety of materials.  Gritty powders such as Magnesium Oxide (causmag) and Zinc Oxide are kept in suspension by the unique recirculating action of the pump.  The casing has two separate chambers, the first is for the inlet and the second is for the return line back to the pump.  This creates a vigorous stirring to keep products in suspension.  The nylon casing and impeller are highly resistant to wear corrosion from a wide range of products.


The Numedic drench tank is manufactured from polyethylene plastic which is used in a wide range of agricultural applications.  It is both acid and alkali resistant, has good abrasion properties and has a high impact resistance.  The tank has been designed with a sloping floor which optimises the mixing and delivery of the products that are drenched.  140 litres of drench is held in the drench tank which is sufficient volume for large dairy herd sizes.  The tank sits in it’s specially designed galvanised frame and is bolted to the wall.  There are two drainage holes in the bottom of the tank to enable the tank to be easily emptied when required.


Specially designed hoses manufactured to our own specifications are used in all Numedic Power Drenching Systems. 

The diameter of the PVC non-toxic recirculating hose has been chosen to maximise flow rates in the line.  When used with a Numedic drench pump sedimentation is prevented from occurring in the lines.  The heavy wall thickness on the hose prevents kinking and reduces the risk of the hose “sucking flat” due to temperature and hydraulic pressure extremes. 

The Numedic drench gun hose has a woven braid along its length, is very strong and is very difficult to be “kinked”.  Manufactured from non-toxic PVC clear food grade hose it will provide many years of service.

All quality Numedic hoses have the Numedic logo on them.


Standard & Hooked Drenching Guns
The Numedic drench gun is a joy to use!  It has been designed to fit easily into your hand and is manufactured from robust die cast aluminium. It is very light and the unique cam operation of the handle ensures easy operation.  In fact, the more you “squeeze” the gun, the easier it gets. There are no seals, switches  or “O rings” in the gun to go wrong or block. Both standard and hooked guns are available.


The 50 litre bloat tank is manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene plastic and is held in it’s own specially designed bracket which is fixed to the wall.  Premixed bloat is added to the tank and joins the liquid from the main drench tank at the metering head where it is administered to the drench gun.


A single phase 230 volt air compressor is supplied with your Numedic Metered drench System.  Motor size is 3 hp(2.2kW) and it has a 25 litre tank capacity.  The compressor provides 140 litres/minute of air and has a maximum operating pressure of 116 psi.  As well as powering the metering head an air compressor is a very handy machine to have on a farm.  We also supply a smaller air reservoir, regulators and gauges to simplify installation and other compressor related uses if required.


Metered Drenching System
Complete kit includes wall mounted 140 litre tank, 550 Watt re-circulating pump, in line filter, 24 hour mixing timer, 2 handguns, 30 m of 20mm dia. non-toxic PVC hose, 25m of 8mm dia. non-toxic reinforced PVC hose, cable ties, cup hooks, masonry anchors, NUMEDIC metering head (diaphragm pump unit with separate bloat oil injection unit), regulators, gauges, air hose and fittings, air compressor, reservoir, low pressure 50 litre wall mounted bloat oil tank and instruction booklet.

Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand