Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand
Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand

Numedic Stationary Irrigator



Stationary Irrigator
The Numedic stationary irrigator uses high quality Italian sprinklers.  Designed for agricultural use they have an adjustable jet breaker, which provides a light and uniform rainfall pattern over the wetted area.


Correctly applied effluent increases pasture production and reduces fertiliser costs. Optimise fertiliser inputs to match your nutrient budget and management plan.

The Numedic Stationary Irrigators can be fitted with a range of different nozzles that can be fitted to match your irrigation requirements. View the performance chart now!!


The spraying of Dairy Effluent onto pasture via an irrigator can be an efficient and productive tool in increasing farm production.  Farm Dairy Effluent is a valuable resource, it contains N, P, K, S and trace elements to enhance pasture production and reduce fertiliser expenditure.  Environmental quality is the major reason for applying effluent to land, but the value of nutrients and the irrigation bonus can be a significant benefit.  Storing effluent during long periods of wet weather and only applying when the pasture plants can absorb the nutrients is the best and most responsible way of applying dairy effluent.

The Numedic stationary irrigator is a simple cost effective way of spraying dairy effluent.  A range of different sized sprinklers can be used depending on discharge volumes application rates and depths required.  The sprinkler and riser pipe is mounted on a simple chassis that can be towed by a motorbike.  It is ideal for use on steeper sidlings and parts of the farm that are difficult to irrigate.  It does however need to be shifted regularly to ensure application depths are not exceeded and ponding does not occur.

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Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand