Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand
Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand





The ADCAM750 EVENSPREAD Irrigator was chosen by AgResearch for its new farm at Tokonui.

The ADCAM 750 Evenspread irrigator has different boom lengths and boom angles.  This improves the spread pattern and ensures an even spread of the effluent.  The fertiliser value in the effluent can be applied in a uniform spread pattern.

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Correctly applied effluent increases pasture production and reduces fertiliser costs. Optimise fertiliser inputs to match your nutrient budget and management plan.

The innovative NUMEDIC ADCAM®750 Travelling Irrigators patented cam technology and seven easy speed selections provides an environmental solution for the future of farming sustainability.  View the ADCAM®750 performance chart now!!

The spraying of Dairy Effluent onto pasture via a travelling irrigator can be an efficient and productive tool in increasing farm production.  Farm Dairy Effluent is a valuable resource, it contains N, P, K, S and trace elements to enhance pasture production and reduce fertiliser expenditure.  Applying effluent to land will utilise the value of nutrients and the irrigation bonus can be a significant benefit.  Storing effluent during long periods of wet weather and only applying when the pasture plants can absorb the nutrients is the best and most responsible way of applying dairy effluent.  It is important to keep the effluent in the root zone.

The ADCAM®750 Travelling Irrigator has been designed to deliver very low and easily controlled application rates of dairy effluent to be applied to meet current and emerging legislation. 

Designed with a range of innovative features to ensure superb reliability and simplicity of use the ADCAM®750 Travelling Irrigator manufactured by NUMEDIC is a great investment for your farming future.



Control made easy with an adjustable speed cam.  Low and easily controlled application depths of dairy effluent down to 6mm can be achieved.

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Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand