Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand
Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand




The pressurised 50 litre teat spray tank is manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene plastic and is held in it’s own specially designed bracket which is fixed to the wall.  Polyethylene is both acid and alkali resistant.

It has been designed to take pressures up to 20 psi that is a very economical pressure to teat spray.  Higher pressures are more wasteful.  All that is required is one droplet to form on each teat for the teat spray to be effective.

The large tank volume means long periods of use before re-filling is required.  A mesh filter in the tank ensures that grit or other material can’t block the teat spray nozzles and affect the units’ reliability.


A single phase 240 volt air compressor operates your NUMEDIC teat spray system.  Motor size is 2.5 hp and it has a 23 litre tank capacity. The compressor provides 230 litres/minute of air and has a maximum operating pressure of 116 psi.

The teat spray system comes with a pressure gauge and regulator to make it easier to regulate the air pressure to the recommended 15-20psi.  The air compressor also has a wide range of other practical uses on the farm.


The teat spray system comes supplied as standard with 25 metres of tough durable 8mm braided hose.  Coiled gun hoses can be supplied as requested.


We recommend and use the teat spray gun shown opposite.  Because of the many configurations and number of guns that may be used in a cowshed for teat spraying the system comes less the guns.  Teat spray guns are available as requested.

Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand