Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand
Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand




The cam has been around for many years but nobody has designed a cam that is easily adjusted.  The designers at NUMEDIC decided to take the basic cam driven irrigator to the “next level” by designing a cam with simple adjustments and a smooth operation.  The cam design was recognised as very innovative and is now patented in several countries throughout the world. 

The main cam on the ADCAM®750 Travelling Irrigator is mounted between two cam plates and can pivot to four different positions where it is easily locked in place by a locking pin.  The pivoting cam adjusts the overall circumference of the cam assembly which determines the travel speed of the irrigator. The larger the circumference the faster the irrigator will travel. 

Seven travel speeds can be chosen as required.  The cam assembly is manufactured from plate steel and is hot dipped galvanised.  The pivot pin and tapered locking pin are both manufactured from stainless steel.


The robust double ratchet drive on the main winch drum gives an even load distribution over the entire width of the drum when the wire rope is being wound in.  Loads in excess of 1000kgs are placed on the winch drum during operation and the ADCAM®750 design ensures a very high load carrying capacity. 

The two sets of winch teeth, one on either side of the drum are manufactured from heavy duty 10mm plate steel and are cut to exact dimensions using the latest technology by a Lasercutting machine. Both of these winch teeth are bolted to the winch drum and can be easily replaced if required. The winch drum is hot dipped galvanised for long life.


Boom design is very critical on a travelling irrigator. It has to be designed to minimise flow losses of the liquid while still being strong enough to operate reliably, often in extreme conditions. 

The two end booms are of different lengths to achieve an even spread pattern. The short boom has a counterweight fitted.  Both end booms have quick release fittings on them.

The riser boom on the ADCAM®750 travelling irrigator has an internal diameter of 65mm, reduces to 50mm for the centre boom and then down to a 40mm diameter for the end booms. The booms are flanged and are bolted together. This is a very strong way of joining the booms together rather than using weaker threaded pipe that commonly breaks at the threads. 

The flanges are slotted and the boom angles can be easily adjusted to either increase the torque or spread of the irrigator. The specially designed rubber conical performance nozzles at the end of the booms are held in place by stainless steel hose clamps.  The booms are braced by adjustable tie rods that gives increased rigidity and extra strength to the boom. The entire boom section is hot dipped galvanised.


The two main irrigator seals are manufactured from nitrile rubber and can take pressures up to 800psi.  They are fitted in a 25mm flange and secured in place by a circlip. Another special abrasion resistant seal fits above the two nitrile rubber seals and grease is packed in between.  This seal has been designed to prevent sand and pumice damaging the nitrile seals in harsh environments. Access to these seals is simple and they can be changed in a matter of minutes if required.


Two heavy duty self aligning bearings are used in the ADCAM®750 irrigator.  The bearing housing is grease packed and the bearings are greasable.


Heavy duty “Bulldozer Strength” bronze bushes as against weaker “plastic type” bushes are used in the ADCAM®750 irrigator design. These bushes are self lubricating but grease nipples are fitted for added durability. The bushes are incredibly strong and should never need replacing.


The irrigator chassis is manufactured from heavy duty RHS section.  The “A Frame” design enables the wheels to be placed within the “A frame” for safety reasons during travel.  The ADCAM®750 is fitted with three galvanised wheels and low speed flotation turf tread tyres. An easily removable drawbar is fitted to the chassis.  The chassis is hot dipped galvanised.


Both the double drive pawls and both of the locking pawls are manufactured from stainless steel.  This prevents the chance of the pawls rusting in place through neglect and also ensures a long life of operation in the often extremely corrosive environments they operate in.


The nozzles are manufactured from nitrile rubber which has very good wearing properties while also providing excellent resistance to a wide range of materials.  They have been designed with a heavy rubber wall which helps the nozzle to hold its shape when under pressure to provide great performance.  The rubber will also expand if required to allow solids to pass through unlike solid plastic nozzles. Quick release fittings are on each end boom.


A wirerope winder is fitted as standard on the ADCAM irrigator. Its innovative design ensures even winding of wire rope onto the drum.  It can be retrofitted onto earlier models and is simple to fit and bolts to the main irrigator chassis.


“A” Frame Box section design

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Length 2.0 metres

Width 1.5 metres

Flotation, pneumatic tyres on a galvanised rim.

Front 330mm x 165mm

Rear 405mm x 165mm

Boom diameter is 7 metres.  All irrigators have quick release fittings on the end booms.

4mm galvanised

Standard length is 250 metres.

Lengths of up to 400 metres can be used as long as a wire rope winder is fitted.

High Performance Rubber Conical, Diameter 13mm. All Irrigators have quick release fittings on the end booms.

50mm galvanised with male BSP thread.

Every ADCAM®750 Travelling Irrigator comes complete with a performance chart showing travel speeds and application depths.

Numedic superior dairy technology, Rotorua, New Zealand